toetsenbord-voor-iphone-of-ipaiPhones and iPads are useful devices.

What originally started out as a telephone is now a fully featured computer.

But do you require even more convenience?

Our tip: A keyboard!

The iPhone and iPad both have Bluetooth capability and can communicate with other devices.
The best-known example is probably the car kit for telephoning hands-free. Communication takes place via Bluetooth and both devices know what to do.

The same Bluetooth functionality can be used to link an iPhone or iPad to a keyboard.
Which is very convenient in use!
The keyboard also offers extra options, such as arrow keys for scrolling through the text. Something which we feel to be a major omission on the iPhone.
There are also additional function keys for controlling your device, such as
  • Setting the screen brightnesss
  • Activating the search function
  • Switching the screen keyboard on/off
  • Increasing/reducing the volume
  • Next/previous soundtrack
  • Switching off
Entering text in combination with numbers is easier as both sets of keys are available on the keyboard.
When you switch on the keyboard, the screen keyboard automatically disappears. As a result, the screen contains more information relating to the App you are using.
You do not require a mouse, you can use the touch screen as you normally would.
In other words, it is inexpensive and greatly enhances convenience.

Worth knowing: Bluetooth can operate with the car kit and keyboard simultaneously. We have tested this specially for you!

Our tip: Avoid purchasing too small a keyboard. The larger keyboards (approximately the same length as the iPad) are much more convenient to use.

Compare the illustrations below, which show the screen display with and without a separate keyboard.
The keyboard operates in all Apps.