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PrintCMR is designed to fill in CMR's on the computer as easy as possible and to ensure that the print on pre-printed forms always succeeds.

You can already see your consignment note on the import screen in the form as you know it.

All functions are present and the storage is unlimited.

If you like it, you purchase the program via our webshop.
We then send you a license email and follow the instructions in this mail.
You can continue working right away with the already accumulated data!

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The license will be sent by email and you can paste it in PrintCMR, as indicated in the license mail.
Your data will never be lost!

If you have any questions, you can always ask our helpdesk.

PrintCMR is the most complete software program when it comes to TransFollow functionality.
Making a CMR is done in the old-fashioned way, by filling in a "red CMR".
If desired, it can be brought to TransFollow at the touch of a button.

Retrieving CMR documents from TransFollow is just as easy.
You can also print these directly on pre-printed CMR forms.
In addition to user software, there is also the link with e.g. Excel or XML files are exchanged with TransFollow.

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