printcmr-version-16-6v3PrintCMR version 16.6v3 was released on 6-1-2021.

Innovations relate to:

- New! Veterinary Journey Log
- Signatures now to be standardized
- Weighing ticket error fixed

printcmr-version-16-6v2PrintCMR version 16.6v2 was released on 19-11-2020.

Innovations concern:

- New! CMR color ECO layout

printcmr-version-16-6v1PrintCMR version 16.6v1 was released on 16-11-2020.

Innovations concern:

- Commercial document has been adapted to the new model 26-06-2019.
ATTENTION: The old model is no longer valid, PrintCMR must be updated to use the new layout!
- CMR Belgian layout: Self-publishing and printing of numbering.
- Wizard: New component to save the user's GPS location directly in a visiting address.

printcmr-version-16-5v6PrintCMR version 16.5v6 was released on 19-05-2020.

Innovations concern:

- Mobile for iPad and iPhone: bug in printing solved
- Renewals and changes to the Wizard document

printcmr-version-16-5v5PrintCMR version 16.5v5 was released on 09-04-2020.

Innovations concern:

- Articles can be searched quickly by Address / Relation