printcmr-version-14-1v4-basic-PrintCMR version 14.1v4 was released on 22/02/2016

New features:

Module Archive:
Inserting (PDF) documents into Photo Report (also E-Mails)

iPhone and iPad:
Connection with Scanner Apps

Improvement on several issues by making new records

Print uw digitale vrachtbrief. PrintCMR wordt erkend door grote document leveranciers.
Gratis proefperiode van 14 dagen, ga direct aan de slag!

printcmr-versie-14-1v3-basic--PrintCMR version 14.1v3 was released on 10/02/2016.

New features:

Basic + Network Module:
The German layout for PrintCMR has been extended further
Various minor improvements made

printcmr-versie-14-1v2-basic-nPrintCMR version 14.1v2 was released on 15/12/2015.

New features:

Basic + Network Module:
PrintCMR mail extended
Ability to send Photo Report via PrintCMR mail: A choice may be made to determine which photos are sent
Sorting the documents based on Date Processed
Screen preview when printing can be suppressed
PrintCMR mail: A counter indicates progress when importing large address files
PrintCMR mail: Direct access to settings for shipping consignments.

Archive Module:
History is updated when a PrintCMR mail message is received
Shipping documents can be locked (no further editing possible)
Photos in the Photo Report can be separately locked
The customer can be registered under Shipping Documents
Photo Report: A photo can be sent directly via an email message
Backup procedure: All data can be placed on network drives.

printcmr-versie-14-1v1-basic--PrintCMR version 14.1v1 was released on 20/11/2015.

New features:

CMR for the German market added
Frachtbrief HGB §§ 407 ff added

Various improvements:
Photo Report improved
Logos behind documents can now also be sent via PrintCMR mail
Larger screens for iPad use in the Wizards
Choice of items in documents significantly extended