network-in-the-cloud-is-that-aOur helpdesk regularly receives questions about iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and the like.
But PrintCMR doesn't deal with that very well.
Here you will find answers to all questions!

print-in-pdf-from-printcmr-16-With the arrival of PrintCMR version 18, it is now also possible to print in PDF format.
For complete CMR documents a great solution to send such documents by email.
Note: Windows and Mac only!
Functionality has been tested with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

printcmr-version-18-update-andThe arrival of PrintCMR 18 requires an update from older versions to the latest.
The choice of Method 1 and Method 2 demands your attention.
Also if you have a Apple with MAC OS, we have good news!

In this article you can read everything about the new situation and how you can make your choice.
The update procedure is also explained here.

linking-weight-note-to-waybillPrintCMR has various consignment notes, such as CMR, Waybill, ADR etc.
The weighing slip can also be made in PrintCMR.
The results of the weighing note can be linked to the consignment note!

excellent-pdf-printer-for-windPrintCMR can print the layout of the entire form in several documents.
This is made to be able to print documents completely to a PDF file.
The PDF file can then be sent to everyone.

A good PDF printer is this one: Bullzip.

For creating PDF files with minimum size and maximum quality!

unreadable-characters-in-printWe regularly receive a signal on our Helpdesk that PrintCMR looks strange, no longer legible.

In this article you will see an explanation about the cause and the solution.

linking-addresses-to-articles-Introduced in PrintCMR version 16.5v5, Articles can be linked to Addresses, so that the inclusion of articles in freight documents can be provided with all kinds of codes that belong to that address.
This can significantly speed up the processing of the correct data and may even prevent errors.

Read here how this works exactly.

import-of-relations-and-addresSince version 16.5v3, PrintCMR contains a simple import to read address data from Excel.
The method and logic is explained below.
The import function is only available under MAC OS and Windows.

switch-print-with-and-without-Various forms (such as the CMR) are adjustable whether they can be printed with or without the pre-printed form.

search-and-set-up-templatesUnder the "New" button, Templates can be found with which an existing waybill can be duplicated easily.

Here you will learn everything about the use of "Templates" in PrintCMR.

het-instellen-van-printcmr-op-This drove us crazy. Various dot matrix printers seem to have difficulty interfacing with PrintCMR. In fact, Windows is the culprit.
MS Office seems to be able to control a number of settings which other Windows programs cannot access.

We purchased an Oki Microline 3390 printer on eBay to investigate this problem.
We succeeded in setting up this printer correctly.
Hopefully our solution will work for you as well!

printcmr-fully-multi-userPrintCMR is standard "Single-User", so with only one user at a time who can use the program.
PrintCMR can also be made Multi-User. Purchase Filemaker Pro for this and we will help you on your way.

transfer-printcmr-to-another-cRegularly our Helpdesk get to the question of how PrintCMR is to transfer to another (new) computer.
Follow this tutorial step by step and PrintCMR can continue to operate with all stored data.
Tip: Prepare to get a memory stick or flash drive.

one-cmr-multiple-times-printinWith the arrival of version 15.6v4, PrintCMR can print one document multiple times, including an ascending order number.
This allows for a repetitive bill of lading in stacks of e.g. 80 prints and process in one go.

printcmr-mail-voor-uitwisselinPrintCMR mail is an option that allows you to exchange all PrintCMR documents with other PrintCMR users.

Consider your office situation where you have neatly created your documents. PrintCMR mail can be used to send the document to your driver's iPhone, which he can use to print the document on his printer. After signature, the document can be sent back via email so that you have all the information you need in the office in order to generate an invoice.

This section explains this option in detail.

whatsapp-op-de-ipad-het-werktWhatsapp is a popular program for communicating with other Whatsapp users.
It requires you to use a telephone with a SIM card.
So, until recently, it was not suitable for the iPad.

But that situation has changed for the better!

PrintCMR version 14.1v1 has added functionality to the Item database.
You can see how it works here!

verzendetiketten-en-de-zebra-gPrintCMR supports the creation of Shipping Labels based on the CMR and AVC.

This functionality has been extensively tested using the Zebra GK420d and approved.

Generating and printing Shipping Labels is now simpler than ever!

printcmr-wizard-zie-hier-alle-PrintCMR Wizard can use all the options offered by your iPhone or iPad.

However, your device must be set up correctly.

This section tells you how!

ondersteuning-zebra-imz-320-moPrintCMR version 13 supports the use of a label printer.

The Zebra iMZ-320 can be used with iOS devices via Bluetooth.