wizard-logisticsThe Wizard in PrintCMR is designed to allow the creation of custom documents.
You can create a "form" yourself using basic components.
Because each of the components includes a procedure step, you can even build your own logistics procedures.

The section below summarises the possibilities offered by the Logistics Wizard.

In addition to capturing data, there are other procedure steps for calculating forms, printing information, sending emails, etc.
The exchange format in PrintCMR mail allows you to send your information to your central server and collect together all the information prepared by various users.
You can use the information for other operational systems via links.

PrintCMR includes the following characteristics in the program, which allow you to easily use a Wizard:

  • Create your own procedure using basic components
  • Simple screens and large buttons offer optimised processing for the iPhone and iPad
  • PrintCMR can be used on iOS devices locally without Internet access
  • Online internet when on the road is not required: this is more cost-effective, faster and more stable
  • Data can be exchanged between users and/or the server via PrintCMR mail
  • Clearly recognisable input screens
  • Address details, items, vehicles, etc. are stored in a central database: you enter them once and can use them as often as required
  • Need to find an address? You can find the right address with very little information
  • Use your addresses for location determination via Google Maps or your road navigation software
  • Wizard information can be exchanged with other PrintCMR users
  • You can use a label printer and/or A4 printer when on the road.

If you want to use the Wizard, we advise you to contact EEnvoudigg.nl, the creators of PrintCMR.
They will be able to convincingly demonstrate that your iPhone is an extremely well-equipped computer, which is capable of fully replacing other devices (hand-held terminals, on-board computers, PCs).
And you always have your telephone with you anyway.

All data input screens are suitable for use on Windows/Mac computers.
The program has been specially optimised for iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad).
You can use Airprint to print via your iOS devices.