after-printAfter-Print was conceived to add a box with information on a freight document afterwards.
The idea came from the weighing note. The driver already has a consignment note with him and only the weighing information has to be put on it.
But of course in the right place!
In addition to the weighing note, we have also included the packaging.
And of course a text box, supplemented with a photo or drawing.
In this drawing we have added the QR code and a long list of BAR code variants.

The base is a square in which data is placed.
To cover an entire form, the information can be aligned above, below, left or right in the box.

The document type "Text & Picture" combines both a photo / drawing with a freely assignable text.
Via an extra button, the photo / drawing can be filled in with a QR or BAR code.
52 types of BAR codes are included. An internet connection is required to use the QR or BAR code.

The photo / drawing is scalable. Text can be set in terms of color, font, size, etc.

The mounted box can be placed in the correct position of the A4 document via a margin adjustment.

For the sake of clarity, a description is provided, so that in addition to this form, more forms can be made, for any purpose or margin setting that is desirable.

The "Model Document" also contains a Packaging box and a Weighing note box.
Once familiar with this system, it is self-explanatory!

A ruler can be printed to quickly locate the box on existing forms.
There are two rulers, depending on whether the box is aligned left or right.
By placing the box on top in the right place, the left and top line can be measured quickly.
Apply this to the document and the print will fit on the first print attempt.