CMR consignment note laser 4-fold [1-2-3-4] unnumbered. The red part of the CMR consignment note is at the top of the box. Packed per 500 sets. The consignment note is 86 grams giroform laser paper. Price per box.

1 item = 65.00 euro, total 65.00 euro
2 pieces = 62.50 euros, total 125.00 euros
3 pieces = 62.50 euros, total 187.50 euros

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(Excl. 21% tax)

Product information CMR consignment note 4-fold [1-2-3-4]

The CMR for 4-fold laser printer is the most sold CMR consignment note in the market. It is an unnumbered, self-circulating CMR consignment note in the order of 1,2,3,4. This means that the red copy of the CMR set is on top of the box, followed by the blue, green and black sheet. The 86 gram giroform laser paper is an A4 size and suitable for all inkjet printers, laser printers and multifunctional printers. Definitely trouble-free paper.

The front is made up in Dutch, German and French. On the back, in addition to the reference to the conditions, the translation of the entry boxes and reference to the conditions in English, Italian and Spanish.

The waybill consists of 4 separate self-writing A4 sheets:
Sheet 1: copy for sender
Sheet 2: copy for addressee
Sheet 3: copy for carrier
Sheet 4: copy for carrier

Characteristics CMR consignment note laser:

  • Multiple: 4-fold
  • Order: sheet 1-2-3-4
  • Material: self-writing laser paper
  • Use: Laser, inkjet and multifunctional printers
  • Format: 297 x 210 mm (A4)
  • Numbering: NOT numbered
  • Model: IRU
  • Packed per: per box of 500 sets

Storage tips for CMR waybills:

Keep the boxes in a dry room with constant temperature (room temperature)
Put the boxes into the laser printer 2 days before use to allow the paper to adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity


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