MMDG Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form. 100 pieces in 1 pack. price per pack.

1 piece = 13.00 euro
5 pieces = 52.50 euros
10 pieces = 99.50 euros

(Excl. 21% tax)

MMDG (Multi Modal Dangerus Goods) form

This MMDG form is suitable for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail or water (inland freight but also sea freight). This form can be filled in with the pen or can be processed automatically with a laser printer.

The form has an A4 format with the size of (210x297 mm.), On 80 gr. paper, suitable for use in the laser printer or manual use.
This form has the version 1997-revised 2008.

There are 100 sheets in 1 pack.


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