Certificate of Origin in 3 fold. A certificate of origin indicates the origin of the product. A CoO thus proves in which country a product is made.
Packed per 50 sets.

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Certificate of Origin - 3 folds

A certificate of origin (CoO) is a document indicating the origin of the product. A CoO thus proves in which country a product is made.

Some countries outside the EU require a CoO due to trade policy measures, such as boycotts, import restrictions and import quotas. You also have to pay fewer or even no import duties in some countries with a CoO. This is where the MFN import tariff applies (most favored nation rate). Without CoO you can face difficulties if you want to import products in a certain country. You do not usually need a CoO within the EU.

Based on a CoO, a country can decide whether or not you can import a product. And the country also looks at a CoO whether the MFN import tariff applies. This rate is usually lower than the general rate.

A certificate of origin can be drawn up per export consignment. Are you a producer of the goods? Then the origin is determined on the basis of a written reproduction of the production process given by you.
- Are you a merchant or forwarder (you do not produce the goods yourself) and do you buy the goods from a supplier based in the EU? Then a Supplier Declaration of Origin can serve as proof of origin.
Are you a merchant or forwarder and do you purchase the goods from a supplier outside the EU? Then a CoO from the relevant country can serve as proof.

For more information we refer to a Chamber of Commerce in your region.

This certificate of Origin consists of 3 copies:
Sheet 1 (yellow) Original
Sheet 2 (pink) Request for declaration
Sheet 3 (yellow) Extra copy

This triple form is suitable for processing in a laser inkjet or multifunctional printer. The form is not self-explanatory.

Order unit per 50 copies.


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