printcmr-voor-iphone-overzichtPrintCMR is suitable for use with the iPhone and iPod.
These screens give you an impression of the functions on the iPhone.

PrintCMR can be installed locally on your iPhone or iPad. Once installed, Internet no longer needs to be used.

PrintCMR links to the following iPhone functions:
- GPS receiver
- TomTom
- Google Maps
- Google Waze
- Mobile telephone
- Skype
- Safari for Internet
- SMS text messaging
- iMessenger
- Email, possibly with PDF report attachments
- Camera, also for barcode scanning
- Photo album
- Touch screen for registering signatures
- Zebra iMZ-320 label printer
- Airprint printers

In the case of Multi-User usage, the information can be shared with a server in your network. This means that you can share information from your PC in the office with users who enter information in the warehouse via an iPhone or iPad.

All the screens below relate to the iPhone.

PrintCMR has been specially adapted to suit the iPhone.
The screens have been optimised to make buttons and fields easily accessible.

Photos and reports in PrintCMR can be shared to all accessible Apps installed on the iPhone.
This example shows how to send a damage report via an email message.

The navigation software link is included.
You can view a map directly via Google Maps from the Address database.
If connecting to the Internet is difficult, you still have the option of connecting to TomTom, Navigon and Google Waze software.
So you can always easily access a display of the address and your route.

The iPhone display can be turned through 90 degrees for the A4 document. This displays the document across the full width, which makes entering data in the large boxes easier.
All the screens turn to suit the iPhone's orientation.

Tip: Consider purchasing a keyboard, as described in another section on this website.

The signature option has been included in the iPad and iPhone version.
These are placed directly on the CMR and printed with the document.

The iPad and the iPhone are among the few mobile devices which can print reports directly without having to transfer them via the Internet!
This (quite important) option also guarantees an exact match between the printed information and the preprinted CMR form.
Consequently, PrintCMR mobile is only offered for iOS systems (for the moment).
Tip: Your printer must support the AirPrint protocol. Details are provided elsewhere on this website.

PrintCMR is perfectly capable of handling simultaneous use of an iPhone in combination with your PC or Mac.
This "Multi-User" option allows you to make preparations in the office, add information in the warehouse or loading bay and then handle printing.
As processing takes place in real time, the screen display on all connected systems can be updated within 1 second.
Please contact the team at PrintCMR for this option.

For more information, please contact the team at PrintCMR.