printcmr-voor-uw-ipad-iphone-e"Created for fat fingers!"

For installation, see "Download PrintCMR"

PrintCMR was redesigned following the introduction of the iPad.
Developing a user-friendly program that uses all of the iPad's many capabilities requires a thorough approach.

For example, the iPad offers the following possibilities, all of which are obviously linked to your CMR

- Integration with Mail, Internet pages
- Starting up your route planner directly from the CMR
- Making calls with Skype or making normal telephone calls with the iPhone
- Taking photographs with the iPad for damage reports
- Scanning/photographing documents
- Creating PDF files and sending them to contacts by email
- Registering signatures
- Sending text messages (SMS)
- Generating reports, also from the iPad, iPhone and iPod

- .... and much more.

Tip 1: For complete installation, see button "Download PrintCMR" on this website.

Tip 2: The data is stored in your iPad. An Internet connection is not required for this (more cost-effective, faster, more stable).
Please remember to set the back-up. You can organise this via your iTunes connection.

Tip 3: If required, your iPad can be linked to a central server via Internet/Intranet.
Please contact the PrintCMR helpdesk for more details if you require this.

Tip 4: You require an Airprint printer if you want to print the CMR directly from the iPad. Use Google to search for "Airprint".

Tip 5: An Airprint printer can be connected directly to the iPad without additional accessories. This makes it easy to use in the truck cab.

Tip 6: Do you use PrintCMR when you are on the road? We welcome all your feedback. When you come up with suggestions for handy solutions, we go to work on your behalf.